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Meet Our Team



Random Fact: I like sprinkling throw-back figures of speech like "da bomb" and "sike" into every day convos. Oh, and I abbreviate everything.

Guilty Pleasure: I'm a social media geek. I like to be "in the know" at all times. The first thing I do in the morning is check out instagram, twitter and FB.

Personal style: I tend to gravitate towards bo-ho chic apparel. I love loose ponchos, aztec prints and all things fringe.

Fashion tip: Don't be afraid to break the "rules." Being fashionable means something different to everyone. Expressing yourself through your personal style will make you stand out.



Random Fact: I make really good animal noises. My best and most well-known is "the horse."

Guilty Pleasure: Pinterest. I could spend hours scouring that site for decor for our stores, fashion trends and recipes. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Vestique item I can't live without: My Captain Planet necklace in turquoise. I wear it several times a week!

Favorite aspect of job: Finding and buying new and unique pieces for the website and stores is what makes vestique my dream job; but day to day I'm usually behind the scenes doing a little bit of everything!


Director of Retail Operations

Random Fact: I love animals, really all furry creatures. I try not to step on bugs, I prefer to "shew" them outside. Oh, and I talk to my dogs and truly believe they understand me (don't try to tell me otherwise!).

Guilty Pleasure: Celebrities. I have a real obsession with celebrities and their lives. I follow my favorites on Instagram and Twitter just to feel like I'm their friend. I know, I'm lame.

Fashion must haves: I plan my outfits around what accessories I want to wear. This can include a purse that I'm dying to carry, my favorite stack, or a necklace. To me, it's all about how you accessorize your look!

What I love about vestique: Our style. Our fashions go from edgy to preppy and everything in between. A mom and daughter can come shopping together and both leave with something. I love that!


eCommerce + Brand Director

Random Fact: 50% of my photo stream is food. Yep, I am that girl in the restaurant that has to take a pic before digging in. I am all about aesthetics so just can’t let a beautiful display go unremembered!

Guilty Pleasure: One glass of wine complimented by one large cheese plate. Is it Wine Down Wednesday yet?

Favorite aspect of job: I love the creative freedom my job allows. From updating the website, to styling the photo-shoots, my creative juices are flowing all day long!

Style Secret: Each season I gravitate towards one decade and stick to it. This summer I was into the 60’s. Everything had to be tye-dye or bo-ho inspired. I went to music festivals and wore my round-shaped sunnies everywhere! This fall I’m all about the 90’s. I love the retro-grungy look, chocker’s and platforms shoes. Oh and if you catch a 90’s throwback meme on insta, you’ll know who’s responsible.


Manager ~ Blakeney, Charlotte NC

Random Fact: I'm addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper. I have at LEAST three a day. I don't like coffee so I guess it's just my fix!

Guilty Pleasure: Candy. I love chewy Sprees, Sweet Tarts, and Runts. I always have a stash at home and in my day bag. Best way to sweeten up the day!

Personal Style: Boho chic and comfy casual. In the summer, I love a maxi skirt with a crop top. In the winter, there is nothing better than a big cozy sweater with some leggings. My go-to is a soft tee and jeans.

Vestique Item I Can't Live Without: Our piko tops! I love them because they are SO comfortable. And you can wear them all the time because they come in so many different colors and you can switch up your outfit easily with different jewelry and accessories!


Manager ~ Columbia, SC

Random Fact: I follow more fashion blogger accounts/ golden retriever accounts on Insta than I do people I know... Is that weird??

Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelor. Easily. Every Monday, my friends and I get together at someone's house and watch it! We even have a fantasy bracket for it.

Personal Style: I love anything boho. You can find me in flowy tunics, oversized sweaters, and ripped jeans almost any day of the week. Sometimes I like to edge it up a bit and throw my leather jacket over whatever I'm wearing.

Favorite aspect of the job: The visual merchandising! If you're ever in Vestique Columbia, there's a reason that rack has all of those particular items on it. I love creating our window displays for each season, and mannequins are my absolute favorite. I make sure that I would walk out of the store wearing anything I styled on that manny.


Manager ~ Raleigh & Cary, NC

Random Fact: I LOVE sports! I always have a game on whether I'm there, it's on tv or online. I also know random facts about professional and college football & basketball players. My favorite player ever is Desmond Lee--Hey Dez!

Personal Style: My personal style is somewhat preppy but also casual. I love to pair a piko top with a vest, leggings & boots in the fall or in the summer wear a printed maxi dress with wedges.

What I love about working at Vestique: I love everything about working with Vestique!!! We have such a family atmosphere, you can't help but be happy when you're shopping!

Fashion musts: Don't be afraid to put colors together! Pair a coral top with turquoise or dark green top with light blue--it's ok to branch out of the neutral color zone. Be confident in what you wear!!
We're also so proud to work with one of the most talented photograhers we know, Jim Trice. He's assisted us with many projects including the headshots for our team page above as well as contributing to many of our lookbooks and photoshoots. Click Here to check out Jim's website!