Meet Our Team



Favorite thing about vestique: The employees! I truly love everyone I work with--we really are a big family.

Guilty Pleasure: I'm a social media geek. I like to be "in the know" at all times. The first thing I do in the morning is check out instagram, snap and FB.

Personal style: I tend to gravitate towards comfortable apparel. I live in loose tees and distressed denim, especially since becoming a mom.

Fashion tip: Don't be afraid to break the "rules." Being fashionable means something different to everyone. Expressing yourself through your personal style will make you stand out.



Random Fact: I make really good animal noises. My best and most well-known is "the horse."

Guilty Pleasure: Pinterest. I could spend hours scouring that site for decor for our stores, fashion trends and recipes. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Vestique item I can't live without: My Captain Planet necklace in turquoise. I wear it several times a week!

Favorite aspect of job: Finding and buying new and unique pieces for the website and stores is what makes vestique my dream job; but day to day I'm usually behind the scenes doing a little bit of everything!


eCommerce + Brand Director

Random Fact: 50% of my photo stream is food. Yep, I am that girl in the restaurant that has to take a pic before digging in. I am all about aesthetics so just can’t let a beautiful display go unremembered!

Guilty Pleasure: One glass of wine complimented by one large cheese plate. Is it Wine Down Wednesday yet?

Favorite aspect of job: I love the creative freedom my job allows. From updating the website, to styling the photo-shoots, my creative juices are flowing all day long!

Style Secret: Each season I gravitate towards one decade and stick to it. This summer I was into the 60’s. Everything had to be tye-dye or bo-ho inspired. I went to music festivals and wore my round-shaped sunnies everywhere! This fall I’m all about the 90’s. I love the retro-grungy look, chocker’s and platforms shoes. Oh and if you catch a 90’s throwback meme on insta, you’ll know who’s responsible.


Manager ~ Greenville, SC

Favorite Thing About Vestique: I love that vestique cares so much about animals and that I can bring my dog to work! The clothes are pretty awesome, too :)

Personal Style: I guess my style is pretty casual, but I like to add a little bit of edge to my outfits. In the colder months I love to throw on my Doc Martens with dresses and I prefer black jeans over white in the Spring and Summer. I firmly believe that chokers make every outfit better!

Random Fun Fact: I love to play old video games with my husband and I can kick anyone's butt at Mario Kart!

Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping in. When I have a day off with nothing to do, I'll sleep until 1 o'clock and feel no shame!


Manager ~ Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh, NC

Random Fact: I'm a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and somehow managed to never go camping...unless you're counting air conditioned cabins. Maybe that's why we were referred to as Troop Beverly Hills?

Guilty Pleasure: I don't believe in guilty pleasures, just enjoying everything you do! But if I had to choose one, I'd say binge watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Personal Style: My personal style always reflects my mood. If it's acceptable to blend all things edgy-boho-casual-glam-preppy into one central style, that would be me. More than likely, each time you see me I'll be channeling a completely different vibe - this definitely reflects my random personality!

Why Do You Love Vestique?: I can't tell you how many times I've walked by a window and said "I hope we'll be getting something similar." Not even a few days later, the same piece shows up in our shipment! Our inventory always reflects our customer's requests - which makes for our eclectic collection (& my diminished bank acct).


eCommerce Coordinator

Random Fact: I am known in the office as the Pet Whisperer and I take serious pride in that. I love all furry creatures!!

Guilty Pleasure: All things Bachelor and Harry Potter, I totally nerd out when it comes to both. Ask me anything.

Personal Style: I wouldn’t say I have a set style. I own all types of clothes from edgy to preppy and tend to throw on what I’m feeling that day. I guess that makes shopping for me difficult, I want it all!

Favorite Thing About the Tique: My favorite thing about vestique is hands down our family atmosphere. Our web team is definitely one big happy family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Manager ~ Columbia, SC

Random Fact: I am a die hard Philadelphia fan but when it comes to college sports, Hotty Toddy- I’m an Ole Miss Rebel!

Guilty Pleasure: I watch way too much Bravo, I know everything about the Housewives.

Fashion Must-Haves: A classic leather jacket is a necessity for every closet, but I am all about comfort. I can’t travel without a good baseball cap, a track suit, and a pair of cute slide on flats.

Describe Your Personal Style: I love finding unique statement pieces. Sequined, embroidered, or beaded accessories go a long way!


Manager ~ Charlotte, NC

Favorite thing about vestique: My fav thing about vestique is definitely the people - both customers and co-workers. I've gotten to know so many of our customers over the past few years, and I love styling them for whatever events they have going on!

Describe Your Personal Style: Omg, I don't even know if I have a personal style! I really like to just test out different styles and see which ones I can pull off/which ones I can't lol. Definitely more edgy though!

Random Fact: I have a goldendoodle named Murphie and she is my entire LIFE. Come into the East Blvd store on any given day and you'll probably run into her! Make sure you give her love...she is sensitive.

Guilty Pleasure: Watching a season of Friends and tearing through a pack of double stuffed Oreo's in one sitting.


Manager ~ Mt Pleasant, SC

Random Fact: I have a Frenchie named Indi, who I’m high key obsessed with. Come into the store any day and you’ll find her laying in her bed waiting for you to love on her!

Guilty Pleasure: Okay… don’t judge, but my guilty pleasure has to be Taco Bell. I have no self control when it comes to it. What can I say, the heart wants what the heart wants!

Style Secret: A denim jacket goes with EVERYTHING… and don’t tell me otherwise. If I don’t have it on, then it’s probably wrapped around my waist.

Favorite thing about the ‘Tique: Aside from making some amazing friends in the company, my favorite thing would be the creative freedom I have. From being able to merchandise the store, or plan the @vestiquechs Instagram, there are so many ways to get your creative juices flowing!