Halloween 2017

You know when I started planning for Halloween 2017? Literally November 1st, 2016. Yep, that's right...I've been planning my costume since LAST YEAR.

However, every year I'm more annoyed than the year before simply because I spend $100+ on a costume that I can only wear ONCE. If you have the same problem as me, I've put together some crazy cute outfits that can be worn as a costume but also in your everyday life.


Option 1:

Sandy from Grease

Ok ok so this one will be over $100...but these Spanx are life-changing and I swear by them, so this costume idea is totally worth it.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings - $98 (Call/visit your local store to purchase)

Houston Heels - $63

Black Off-the-Shoulder Crop - Coming soon!

Option 2:

A hippie

Add some circle sunnies and you're good to go!

Style Envy Top - $36

Live Forever Bells - $50

Feeling Fringy Earrings - $18


Option 3:

Britney during the Justin era?? Cowgirl? You decide.

If you are looking for a couples costume, then this is what you need. Tell your man to find some denim-on-denim and be JT + Britney in their prime. Easy peasy...(and warm).

Two Faced Denim - $48 - Call/visit your local store to purchase

Fort Worth It Crossbody - $70 - Call/visit your local store to purchase

Denim Fringe Jacket - Coming soon! In the meantime shop our other denim jackets


Option 4:

A Schoolgirl

Be the cutest schoolgirl at the bar crawl

The Carrie Boot - $52

Constance Jumper Set - $48


Option 5:

Audrey Hepburn

Girl Next Door Dress - $42

Houston Heels - $63

Diff Sunnies - Becky - $85. Call your local store to purchase!

Fuzzy coat coming soon! In the meantime, shop our other perfect coats here


Last but not least:

An indian

Put your hair in some braids and you're the cutest Indian EVER.

Shake Senora Top - $38

Never Enough Skort - $38


We hope you have a safe (and super cute) Halloween. If you wear us, be sure to tag us in your insta pics! 🙂



Jacie + Victoria



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