My First Mother’s Day


It’s still hard for me to believe that I’m a mom. Most days I still feel like a kid myself and now I have one.

I know it’s cliché, but my life truly began the minute they put Tate in my arms.


It was only then that I realized the magnitude of my new responsibility…the love that one heart could feel…the fear of the unknown. I quickly fell deeper in love with my husband as I watched him become super dad, and felt a greater appreciation for my own mom as she slipped into her new role as granna like a pro.

Every day that he’s been on this earth, 212 to be exact, have been an adventure. A challenge. A blessing. From the times when I’ve wanted to hide in my bedroom and cry, to the moments I’ve wanted to sit in his nursery and watch him sleep. I don’t take any of them for granted. Motherhood is hard, much harder than I expected. Nights are long, but the days are SO short. Each time that baby boy smiles my direction, my heart grows a size. Every day that he acquires a new skill, I swell with pride.

Tate-7 months old (today!)

Nora-8.5 months old

Moms, just like the humans they’re raising, are really something special. I have loved watching my best friends become mamas too. Caroline is such a calm and laid back mom. She loves Nora more than anything in the world and she deals with the stress of motherhood and our crazy careers with grace and beauty. Nora is a lucky little girl!

So Happy Mother’s Day from our families to yours—to the dog (or cat!) moms, first-time moms and seasoned veterans. It’s not lost on us that many of you are hurting today. To those who are missing your own mamas and those who are still waiting for your miracle, we are sending positive thoughts and virtual hugs your way.




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