“Beach Wedding” in the city


I haven't blogged in SO long.  Forgive me if I flood this post with much too personal info and use it as a brief therapy sesh at times.  This past weekend my husband and I had a wedding in Atlanta for our dear friends the (now) Cavasinni's.  To be completely honest, I had been feeling frumpy and dull the past few months.  I tell you what, post-baby blues are no joke!  I was looking forward to seeing our friends tie the knot, but was not looking forward to getting dressed up.  I am as pale as a ghost and haven't worked out since giving birth (umm he is almost a year old).  The closest I have come to a workout is the occasional stroll (mainly used to keep my son entertained when he's too wild to be contained inside).  So needless to say, I was a little anxious to replace my tank and leggings with a dress (gasp).

I knew I would wear vestique... but what?!  My legs were far too pale for anything short, and something tight... ha, well that was just out of the question.  I tried on the Beach Wedding Dress on a whim.  I just KNEW it was going to look ridiculous.  I was pleasantly surprised when I realized its flowy fit with a tie around the waist was so flattering!  It had a low enough v in the front (which worked great with our petals and fashion tape) to make me feel slightly sexy and covered enough to feel comfortable.

I have been dying to purchase these shoes, so I used this as an excuse and splurged.  Best. Decision. Ever.  These are the most comfortable shoes and perfect for dressing up any outfit.  Plus they are only $28!  {We have a few pairs left online, but plenty in-stores.  Email [email protected] if you need help finding your size!}

Lastly, and by far my favorite part of the entire outfit, my earrings.  I am a sucker for anything pom-pom and white, so these were made for me.  They are seriously the most light-weight earrings I have ever worn.  They also add the perfect pop of flair (does this make anyone else think of Office Space?) and are so on-trend!


This inexpensive outfit made me feel like a million bucks.  Even though I am still painfully pale and didn't have time to get a spray tan (nothing a little filter can't fix!).  Ladies, if you are feeling a little low get yourself a new outfit (or at least a new piece of jewelry) that you love. There is something about occasionally buying something new and fresh that can make you feel new and fresh yourself!  I might just have to ditch my leggings more often... ehhh, who am I kidding?  These bad boys aren't going anywhere.



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