All about that mom life.

If you’re wondering why we were MIA towards the end of 2016, here’s your answer:




Yep, we had babies! Within 6 weeks of each other. And no, we didn’t plan that. It was a transitional year both personally and professionally, but we’re back in action now and looking forward to a busy and successful 2017.


How will our new title “mom” affect the business? While we’d love to say it won’t, life just doesn’t work that way. In fact, this week we turned our office into a makeshift daycare as Tate was fighting off a bad cold and couldn't make it into his own daycare. In addition, we've scheduled our weekly meetings around our pumping schedules to make sure we have enough milk for them. Juggling a career and parenthood is certainly no walk in the park, but we hope to excel in both roles.

A few things that have changed since the babies came on the scene…

-Our wardrobes. We went out to dinner uptown the other night and decided that since we had free child care (Morgan's parents and in laws were in town keeping Nora and Tate), we would have a nightcap afterwards. We found ourselves in one of the trendier new bars in town. We saw a lot of girls wearing Vestique but it’s safe to say, we stuck out like the moms we are because both of us were rocking sweaters.

- Our travels. As breastfeeding moms, our trips look a little different these days. We recently returned from a quick trip to NYC to buy for spring and both had to pump on the plane and at the show. A local news station in Greenville asked us to do a segment on spring fashion and we laughed like crazy at the fact that we were two minutes from show time pumping in the bathroom outside of the green room. You gotta do what you gotta do.

-Our sleep schedules. We use the word “schedule” as loosely as possible. New moms really don’t sleep. We didn’t grasp that phenomenon until Nora and Tate came along. But even when they sleep, we can’t. We're either having to pump during the night or anticipating them waking up and checking their monitors like psychopaths. Our employees know that an email from us at 2:30 a.m. is the new norm!

A few things that haven’t:

-Our work ethic. We’re still religiously checking reports, filling orders, paying bills, answering customer emails and trying to improve our store fronts and website day in and day out.

-Our vision. Now that we have families to provide for, the goals we have for our company are even more relevant and we plan to do whatever we can to achieve them. We want to continue to grow, stay on trend and bring you affordable fashion.

-Our sense of humor. Through 6 years of entrepreneurship and friendship, you’d think we’d be sick of each other by now. What keeps us going? Our sense of humor. We laugh more in a workday than most do in a week, especially now that we are sleep deprived and trying to navigate the wild ride that is motherhood. If you can’t make fun of yourself, then you can’t be on our team.




We’re glad to be back! And we hope you don’t mind hearing more from us (and our babies) in the new year.


Morgan & Caroline

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