Heather’s Blue Apron Review

My sister-in-law called me the other day and said, 'Hey! Let's have a girls night in and try out one of the Blue Apron recipes I just received.' I've seen all kinds of dinner to doorstep companies and while I've always thought that would be cool, I've never taken the plunge. I was intrigued. Now having experienced it, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Here's what we cooked:



Each Blue Apron package arrives with three dinners (good for 2 or 4 servings depending on your subscription) including all the ingredients you need. Along with a printed step by step recipe guide that includes pictures for reference. They also recommend wine pairings and you can even subscribe to get the wine shipped along with everything. So we popped a bottle and got to work.





Start to finish, it took around 30 minutes to get it on the table. All the spices are included and pre-portioned so it's very accessible and would be fun to get kids to help or to do as a couple to relax at the end of the day. I think ours turned out pretty close to the picture, what do you think?



All in all, I would highly recommend Blue Apron. It's especially convenient if you have a hectic schedule and have 20-30 minutes to cook dinner but not enough time to get by the store or plan out healthy meals. Click here to check out more about Blue Apron.



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