Host a Vision Board Party

I attended my first vision board party last night for girls night out. I went into it thinking I don't even begin to know how to make a vision board. But I surprised myself and it was a LOT of fun. It made me really think about what I'm inspired by and what I want to do in 2016. Plus I got to spend time with my favorite women and drink a little sangria, always a thumbs up in my book :). So I wanted to share how to host a vision board party for you and your best gals.


All those magazines you have sitting around, grab 'em. When you really start going through them, it's surprising how elements of articles and pictures can piece together to tell your story. We had a vast collection of everything from fashion to cooking to health to travel. Swing by a craft store and grab some textural pieces to add depth like ribbon, material, wood letters, etc.

Other essentials:

  • Glue = top recommendations are YES! paste or Mod Podge (rubber cement also works well but Elmer's glue will leave more bubbles/ripples).
  • Scissors = it's especially fun if you have any different edge scissors.
  • Boards = we used canvas but anything from posterboard to even corkboard works just as well.
  • Markers, Stamps or even Paint to add a creative, personal touch.




We found that applying Mod Podge both under and over the pictures with foam brushes ensured they stayed in place. Don't be alarmed, it will dry clear with a bit of a matte finish and as long as you're not pouring it on, the magazine pictures won't smudge. We "staged" our board first, figuring out what we wanted to use where and then glued everything in the places we'd set.

And finally, don't be a perfectionist about it. This coming from a chronic perfectionist... it's more about the experience and less about the finished product. I found that this year I wanted to travel more, get fit and just spend more time living in life's little moments and making memories that matter. I imagine I will be doing this every year now.



We chose to all bring a snack and the hostess made some sangria. Click here for a link to my favorite sangria recipe. I busted out the fondue pots for some chocolate covered fruit and made Oreo Truffles {SO GOOD!}. There was also cheese dip, cheesy bread, and Garlic Monkey Bread with marinara {LIFECHANGING?}... we like cheese.


So round up your inner circle and decide who's gonna host and everyone bring their favorite snack or bottle of wine or both and get ready for a fun and memorable girls night!



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