Wine and Design: Charlotte

Last night, Vestique Charlotte's shoppers got crafty with Wine and Design!  While sipping on wine, we painted the beautiful Queen City skyline with the help of Catherine, our instructor.  I was a newbie to Wine and Design and absolutely loved the experience.  I'm definitely not the best artist, but I now have the itch to take up a new crafting hobby!

The best part of the event {besides the wine} was meeting tons of new friends and seeing how creative our shoppers are!  Wow, these ladies were c-r-a-f-t-y and seemed like old pros at this whole painting thing.  I barely knew how to mix colors {someone needs to go back to elementary school} and these ladies were making every color of the rainbow!

We started by filling in the sky, then painted the skyline yellow and added some green grass.  That was the easy part!  Then we got a little more detailed by filling in the grass with bushes and various colors of greenery.  After we let that dry for a few minutes, we started mixing colors {I realized really fast I am horrible at this... all of mine looked like ketchup} and adding in abstract lines to our buildings.  We let that dry for a little bit while we added clouds and details to our sky.  Next, we went back to our buildings and outlined them in white and added lights!


Everyone's finished product looked a little different, which was my favorite part.  I loved seeing how creative people were with their building colors, greenery, and sky.


Taa daaaaa!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first Wine and Design event!  Would you like us to do this at your local Vestique?  Comment below!

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