Reflecting on 5 Years


5 years. Wow. Some days it seems like we’ve been in business for five decades, and on others the years feel like minutes.

For those who don’t know the story of vestique, Caroline and I started it as a website. We stored the inventory in the spare bedroom of my house and worked tirelessly to take pictures, post products and ship out orders all while holding down full time desk jobs during the day. We had no idea what we were doing. All that mattered was that we loved clothes. We gave it everything we had--every penny, every ounce of energy and every creative thought. We were determined to make it something. So far, so good.

We wouldn’t be here though, without our customers. Many of you have been with us since the beginning. Since the first time we posted on this blog. Since the minute the website went live. Since the day we opened the doors to the Raleigh store. Through thick and thin, you’ve made this anniversary possible. We love you and are forever grateful.

We’ve been blessed; blessed by employees that have become like family and family that have been committed {and unpaid} employees. Just a few weeks ago, my mom and dad stayed up way past their bedtimes hanging wallpaper in the Raleigh store. As I stood back and looked at the finished product, which you’ll get to see in an upcoming post devoted to the Oberlin Road store’s recent renovation, I couldn’t help but swell up with gratitude over all the many late nights they’ve spent at the store working for me.

Since 2010, vestique has contributed to an unimaginable number of sleepless nights and more than a few gray hairs on my head. But more importantly, in the last five years, this company has donated thousands of dollars to countless charities. We’ve provided scholarships to aspiring design students and “furever” homes to displaced animals. Our staff has organized food, toy and clothing drives. These are the things that make me most proud of our company.

Today, on the anniversary of our fifth year in business, I got a little emotional and decided to take a walk down memory lane. Sometimes, the best way to fight nostalgia is to fuel it.

Here we are {babies} in front of our Raleigh store on its grand opening, which ironically was 4 years ago today, one year to the day after our website launched.




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