Tique Pup Spotlight: Jo and Bella

It's no secret that everyone in the 'tique family is a little (a LOT) dog crazy. It was only a matter of time until we brought our two undying loves - fashion and puppies - together on one very special night. On Thursday, June 25th we are hosting our "furst" Rescue to Runway fashion show in our Charlotte location. Our amazing summer collection will be featured on the runway with the best accessories of all - adoptable puppies from the Halfway There Rescue organization. You do not want to miss this incredible show!


In honor of this event, we thought it would be fun to put the spotlight on all of our #vestiquepups. I'm kicking things off with my two best girls, Jo and Bella. Both of my girls are rescues, and I highly encourage anyone that is looking for a new pet to consider adopting from your local animal shelter.


Meet Jo:

FullSizeRender (1)

Jo (Jolene) is part Labrador, part princess. The shelter found her abandoned and in poor health. When my fiancé and I brought her home for the first time, it was clear she had never been inside a house before. Everything was terrifying - especially the TV and ceiling fans. Nowadays, we can't keep her from cuddling with us on the couch (nor do we want to). Jo loves working at our Charleston store, and makes sure that everyone that walks through the door gets her undivided attention.  There's definitely quite a few customer selfies with Jo floating around out there.






Meet Bella:

Bella is a very sweet (and stout) lady FULL of love. Bella is a Pitbull mix, and she's been with me since my California days.  Fun fact - she was originally adopted by actress Tori Spelling. When Tori said she was going to put her back up for adoption because she was too jumpy for her kids, I took baby Bella home with me instead! She's been my sidekick through thick and thin ever since. Bella can also balance any food from gummy bears to bacon bits on her nose for any given amount of time. Bella's got skills.

I seriously could not have dreamed up two better pups. They truly make my life better, and I am happy I could do the same for them. FullSizeRender (2)

There are so many amazing animals that often get overlooked because they are in shelters - for example, the ones that will be strutting their stuff down the "dogwalk" at vestique. So all you animal lovers out there, don't miss this event! Come shop with us, show your support, and who knows...possibly even go home with a little furry miracle of your own.

Tickets are only $5 and are available here.


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