Tique Pup Spotlight: Harley

Today's #vestiquepup of the day is our Greenville store's main attraction: Harley.

Harley is the definition of spoiled.  According to him, the seating area in our store is the "Designated Petting Zone."  Husbands, boyfriends, brothers, and parents are sadly mistaken if they think they can just relax on the couch while their ladies try on clothes without giving Harley a belly rub!
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When he's feeling especially social, he likes to walk around and talk to each customer, and sometimes even check on them in the fitting rooms!  He loves to recruit people to play fetch with him, but his favorite game is keep away.  Harley's job isn't all play though, he's always willing to lend a paw in the back room!
On his lazy days, people often mistake Harley for a stuffed animal sitting on the couch or don't notice him at all, and are startled when they realize he's a real dog.  He also loves to lay in the sunny spots of the store where he can people-watch and keep an eye out for the mailman.
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When he isn't hard at work charming customers,  Har loves to vacation at the beach or hang out around the campfire when we go camping (because duh, that's where the food is).  He's always down for a road trip as long as he gets to ride in style!
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I got Harley right before my senior year of high school and I've been fortunate enough to have jobs that I can bring him to for the majority of the time I've had him.  He has been my sidekick since day one and I feel so lucky to be able to have him with me all the time.  I think all dogs and all humans should get to experience this kind of love.  If you don't have your own furry friend, I strongly encourage you to adopt one!  We are hosting our very first Rescue to Runway fashion show in our Charlotte store Thursday, June 25th, where adoptable pups will be strutting their stuff down the runway along with models wearing our favorite summer styles.
Get your tickets here for just $5.  You don't want to miss this amazing event!

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