Tique Pup Spotlight: Ellie & Riley

vestique pups

Ellie & Riley are my sweet little girls.

Ellie is a peek-a-poo and is almost 9 years old but you wouldn't know it if you met her. She's full of spunk and loves to come to the warehouse to play with her BFF, Bella and her sister, Riley. She isn't much of a store dog because she just gets so excited when customers walk in the door! She jumps and barks until they give her their undivided attention 🙂



Riley is a 2 year old chocolate lab who is FULL of energy! She loves to play with any other dogs, but especially her BFF, Bella. They hang out at least 3 days a week at the vestique warehouse where they run and chase each other around until one of them gives out. Morgan and I have to separate them to give them some time to chill out or else they'd go crazy all day long. That's how much they love each other and how much they love to play.

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These two are the light of my life and I'm sure you can see why. If you don't have a pet, this Thursday is your chance to make it happen! Join us for Rescue to Runway and you'll get to meet several dogs who need loving homes. They'll be walking the runway with the models! Tickets are only $5 and all proceeds go to Halfway There Rescue. Get your tickets now and remember 'the best things in life are furry!'



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