Tique Pup Spotlight: Bella

Hi tiquers, I’m Bella. Since the day my mama and Aunt Caroline started Vestique, I’ve been right there photobombing #ootd pictures, laying on clothes, stepping on jewelry and waggling my way into the hearts of shoppers everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE—in fact, I’ve been to all 6 vestique locations.

10338728_10101907783882719_6927414799631251761_nIf I had to pick a favorite though, it would probably be my old stomping grounds, the Raleigh store. I thoroughly enjoy barking at all the passersby on Oberlin Road before the store opens and then darting to the back to assume my position under mommy’s desk once the first customer comes in. Plus, I know if we’re in Raleigh, we get to see my grammy and grandpa! However, I’m really starting to like my new gig at the Vestique warehouse in Charlotte. While mom works, I play tag with my bestie, Riley, and we try to scare off the UPS man by barking at the top of our lungs. I just don’t understand why he has to come by like EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

IMG_3573I am six now and mom says she loves me more than anything in the world. I believe her too because she’s constantly kissing my cheeks and telling me how pretty I am. You have probably seen her do that to me in one of the stores…she’s a little embarrassing, but I don’t mind because there’s nothing better than feeling loved {am I right? or am I right?}.

10399960_730258543979_4256162_nMom won’t let me come to the fashion show this Thursday because she thinks someone is going to try to adopt me (silly, mama) and I already have my furever home, but if you haven’t already, you should definitely buy tickets and go! There are plenty of pups just like me that need loving and crazy mamas like mine.




P.S. I’m really shy so if I run from you in the store, it’s not you, I promise. I’m just a bit of a scared-y cat.

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