How to NAIL a Gallery Wall

I recently bought and moved into my first home in Charlotte in November. Aside from an interior paint job, and some minor fixes, my 1925 bungalow was perfect (for me). I love everything about it from the stone front porch to the dual fireplaces.


Most people dread moving, and I'm not going to lie, I don't necessarily love it either. I've moved so much over the past 8 years since I graduated from college that it has become second nature to me. But for this move, I was especially excited. I had saved up some money and was ready to decorate my new digs.

First thing on my to do list, hang a gallery wall. This task is not for the faint of heart. It's a time-consuming process, but if you're up for the challenge, I've got some pointers that may make it easier for you.

1. Get creative. Don't just use pictures! A good gallery wall is meaningful. I started collecting things that hold a special place in my heart, like my Buddha head that I brought back from Thailand or the pop art I had made of my sweet dog, Bella. One of my favorite pieces on my gallery wall is my shadow box filled with notes and cards that have sentimental value to me. Of course, there are pictures too, but I mixed them in with other things to give the wall some character.


2. Choose a focal point. In my case, I had an antique mirror that I found at the flea market several years ago and I wanted it to be the centerpiece of my wall. I painted the glass with chalk paint and turned it into a chalkboard. On it I wrote the lyrics to one of mine and my boyfriend's favorite songs. Every time I walk by it, I smile.


3. Gather all the items you want to put on the wall before you get anywhere near a hammer. Don't just haphazardly start throwing nails in the wall, you will regret it! We measured the length of the wall and then measured that same distance on the floor. Once we could visualize the amount of space we had to work with, we started laying the items out on the floor how we wanted them. That way, we were able to move things around before we put holes in the wall.

4. Take a picture of the design you create on the floor once you have it the way you want it! It makes life SO much easier when you start actually hanging to have that photo to refer back to.

5. Don't freak out if things aren't perfect! They aren't supposed to be. It is art after all!



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