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"Feel good, look good" is a motto around here at the 'tique. But we aren't just talking about feeling good in the physical sense. We truly love fashion when it is paired with a positive message, and really value the companies out there that give back to the community. Meet the Lokai bracelet - an amazing little bracelet that gives back in a big way, and also our new favorite spring/summer accessory.


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The Lokai bracelet started as an idea for founder Steve Izen one day while sitting on the beach with his family. Surrounded by his closest loved ones, he couldn't help but feel so thankful for where he currently was in life. On the other hand, his grandfather had just been devastatingly diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He then thought about how life is marked by highs and lows, and how important it is to stay both humble and hopeful throughout everything. Izen wanted to take this idea further by turning it into a physical reminder that he could wear everyday - something like a bracelet.


Lokai bracelets have three types of beads that incorporate the highest and lowest points on earth - Mt. Everest and the Dead Sea. The black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea, which represents hope during our lowest times.The white bead contains water from Mt. Everest, which reminds us to stay humble even when we feel on top of the world. The surrounding clear beads represent our individual story to tell.

Ohhhhm. Feeling more balanced already, right?


Another reason we LOVE Lokai is because they donate 10 percent of their net profits to several different charities. Click on the charities below to find out more:

Lokai bracelets can also be spotted on a several celebs these days - including Emma Roberts, Alessandro Ambrosio, and hottie Aaron Paul.

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Lokai bracelets can go anywhere - the beach, the pool...I am guilty of actually sleeping in mine. I don't leave home without it, nor the great message that comes along with it. You can pick yours up at any of our locations for just $18.


Live Lokai!

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