The Morning Commute

I've been a commuter ever since I graduated college {and we won't mention how many years ago that was}.  I've never had a job that was less than a 20-mile commute, and these days that seems like nothing! I guess I just prefer to live and work in separate cities?!  Although, I ALWAYS take work home with me and my laptop is never far from my side. Over the years though, I have found that my time driving to and from work has become time to unwind and I enjoy being by myself.  I've gotten my morning routine down to a science and I've grown to enjoy it so much that I wanted to share in hopes that others with my same "on-the-go" lifestyle may appreciate it and take away some helpful tips!

  1. Wake up -- normally around 7:30am {I'm a snoozer and hit the button at least 2 times, it annoys even me.} 
  2. Grab my phone and laptop to check what I missed while sleeping. The laptop will be right beside the bed and the phone on the nightstand. I normally already have several emails by this point and I've gotta get that inbox back to zero, STAT! {OCD on so many levels of my life}
  3. Roll {literally} out of bed and feed the pup-a-lups.  I've got three fur-babies who are my life.  I'll talk to them and asked them how they slept and if they had sweet dreams. {real life, don't judge -- I'm letting you in on all of my secrets} 
  5. Shower, only wash hair twice a week {again, don't judge me -- my hair dresser says it keeps my hair healthy, my husband says I'm lazy... I think I fall somewhere in between}
  6. Makeup + get dressed {Vestique all day, 'erryday}
  7. Grab Bogart and head to the car. Stop. Check schedule, where am I going today?  I work at three of our vestique locations so each day I am at a different store {either Columbia, Charlotte or Greenville}. 
  8. Turn on my audiobook, and hit the open road!  
...Oh, you don't listen to audiobooks? If you are a commuter, or just a road-trip-loving kinda gal, you gotta get on board with this *a m a z i n g* side of book-worm life.  I love to read, but obviously have barely any time to pick up a book lately. Audiobooks are the PERFECT way to pass the time while behind the wheel and catch up on the latest best sellers.  
Here are my favorites:
#1 on my list, and HIGHLY recommended: The Girl on The Train
If you love a little murder mystery, this one is for you.  A great plot with lots of twist and turns.  I would sit in my driveway and listen to this one long after I was already home.  Download it! 

#2 on my list, and my most recent read {err, listen}, The Silent Sister
WOW! I found this one randomly while searching for another book and ended up downloading it because the summary sounded interesting.  It's one of those you don't see coming and I love that! Definitely worth a listen.

#3, last but certainly not least, The Good Girl
A great story, only it left me a little sad, which is why it's my least favorite of these three.  But, it's still REALLY good and I would totally listen to it again.

I would LOVE to hear your favorites, so please share with me! I'm always looking for more and even email with the folks at to get recommendations, so hearing from you would be even better.  Email me at [email protected]. Even if it's not an audiobook, any great read is almost always a great audio! 

Happy commuting! 


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