Graduation Pictures: Do’s and Don’ts

We've never been so excited to see warm weather, especially since it means shorter hemlines and longer days. As summer quickly approaches we're gearing up for all the weddings, parties and graduations that are just around the corner. One of our Cary sales associates, Ashlyn, is graduating from NC State this May and is pursuing her teaching career in Raleigh come Fall (you go girl!). She graciously offered up her time to help us out with the do's and don'ts of what to wear for graduation pictures from high school to college and beyond in her favorite vestique outfits!

The Do's

1. Take pictures in your cap and gown (...last!)

Outfit Pictured (Left):

'Where the Wild Flowers Grow Dress' (available in select stores only), Balance Necklace ($24)

Nothing ruins a great hair day like smashing your cap on top of your head to take graduation pictures. While most of us cringe at the idea of wearing those hideous caps, it is a right of passage at graduation that each girl must put up with. After you're done with all the creative shots, take a couple with your cap and gown last (open and closed) so your hair won't have to bounce back when you're done for more photo-ops. Trust us, when you're an adult and look back on your grad pictures you'll want a few in your school colors, even if you're convinced you look like a potato in your gown (we get it).

2. Wear what you FEEL great in, it will reflect in your pictures
Pretty self explanatory...don't just wear what all your friends are just because it's trendy right now. Wear what you love and feel great in! If you're preppy, wear something preppy. If you're edgy, wear something edgy. I mean if all your friends wore army pants and flip flops, would you wear army pants and flip flops? We think not. 

3. Practice makes perfect
We highly recommend trying your outfits and hairstyle out at least a few days before to make sure you get a feel for what your pictures will look like. Also, depending on who your photographer is, it's a great idea to start a Pinterest board with ideas for pictures, props to bring, etc. for both of you to collaborate on. 

4. Bring props!
Speaking of props, don't be afraid to bring a few! Ashlyn is an NC State legacy so she spent less than $20 on a chalkboard and chalk to create cute pictures that she knew her family would love. Make it personal, write notes to your parents thanking them for all they did to help you with school, taking you to practice, buying you food...whatever you think fits best. 

The Don'ts

1. Don't only wear your school colors
Don't limit yourself to only your school colors -- wear colors you look great in! Ashlyn chose to go neutral for most of her pictures since State's colors are red and white, but she loved our 'After Party Dress' with our 'Native Spirit Necklace' for her portrait shots. If you have a dress you absolutely adore don't ditch it just because it doesn't match your alma mater!

2. Don't wear every pattern and color in your closet together
Let's be real, mixing colors and patterns is a must for us vestique ladies, but when it comes to photography you don't want to wear your loudest outfits when the main focus is on you! Don't let your outfits distract from the moment, pick a few colors that compliment each other, or something fun and bright for your candid shots. Bring a few options, the sky is the limit!

3. Don't forget your lipstick and blush
The best way to really stand out in your pictures is NOT to wear your hair and makeup like you were going out for a night on the town with every color eye shadow you own. Especially if you're taking your pictures outside, don't get too crazy with your makeup but make sure to include the necessities. Neutral tones and pretty pinks and corals look great in pictures, and always bring lipstick or gloss to make your smile pop even more!

4. Don't be afraid to get cheesy!
Last but certainly not least, don't be afraid to be yourself! There's nothing more important than showcasing your individual style and personality in your photographs so you can look back on them later and smile remembering how much of a goofball you were in high school or college. Don't make it too serious, take a few of the important portrait shots but make sure your photographer takes fun pictures as well. Ashlyn is graduating as a member of a sorority and she made sure to snap a couple candid shots at her house during her pictures, how adorable?!

We're wishing best of luck to all our graduates this year, especially Ashlyn as she starts teaching middle school in the fall. We'd love to dress you for your graduation pictures or any event you have coming up! Stop by your local vestique store or shop online, chat with a stylist, and find your perfect outfit to look back on after graduation. As always, tag us in your pictures so we can feature you in our next blog post (#vestique / #vestiquechic).


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