Trend Tuesday: Baby Got Back

Sir-Mix-A Lot said it right in 1992, that is, “Baby Got Back!” Except for us here at Vestique, that means a little something different. This season we are obsessed with tops that highlight back detail: Backless, cut-out, partially-open back, we love them all!
Currently, both online and in-stores, you can shop a plethora of tops with back detail that is to die for! However, figuring out the best way to wear a backless top can sometimes be a little daunting, so we’ve compiled a guide for wearing some of our favorite tops for any occasion!
Safe and Casual: Our Silver Foxy top is perfect for ladies who don’t want to show off much skin! It’s not backless, but features a cinched back that gives a flattering fit.

Slightly More Daring: If you’re searching for something that is a little more revealing, try our Retrospect Top, Call Me Back Top, Plot Twist Top, or our Take Me Back Top in White. Each of these tops feature some cutouts or are slightly backless, but can still be worn with bandeaus or camisoles for more coverage.

Bringing Sexy Back: For those of you who are ready to rock a top that is completely backless, we’ve got you covered {or not}. Our Sightseeing Tank Top, Give Me The Scoop Top, or Now Trending Crop Topfeature larger cutouts that will show off your entire back while still keeping it classy! These, too, can be worn with bandeaus or camisoles during the winter, and then without them when it’s warmer outside! {If you love backless tops and haven’t done so already, consider investing in one of our adhesive bras that are available in-stores for $16}.

The thing that we love most about any of our tops that feature any back detail is that they are so easy to throw on with a pair of your favorite jeans and booties, or to dress up with a skirt or our vegan leather shorts and tights! Each of the tops we’ve mentioned are comfortable and cute, which we all know is the best combination for any article of clothing that you find in your closet!
Whether you prefer a top that is causal and covered or one that is completely backless, it’s important to remember a few rules of thumb to ensure that you always look your best!
  1. Avoid accessories that cover your neck {like a scarf} or back {like a cardigan}. Remember, the point is to show off your backside!
  2. Wear your hair up! You don’t want to hide the best part of the top you’re wearing with your hair hanging down.
  3. Opt for minimal accessories. Most of these tops are best paired with simple earrings, a long necklace, and maybe a bangle {or two or three if you’re like us and prefer to stack them}. Wearing too many accessories can detract from the unique look of the top.
  4. And lastly, like your mother always told you, stand up straight and smile. Being confident in what you’re wearing makes it look a million times better on you.
Oscar de la Renta’s advice to women is to “walk like you have three men walking behind you,” and when you’re wearing one of these fabulous tops, they will certainly be staring!
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Lauren + Caitlin

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