NOW TRENDING: Giving back with Survivor Glam Squad

As our favorite Half United shirts say, “Giving Back Is The New Black." Most of you know vestique as a cute, affordable clothing store. While this is true, we are so much more than that. We not only love to keep everyone up to date on the latest trends, but we also love to empower women!
There is nothing better than to see a woman smile after seeing herself in an outfit she looks and feels great in. So when Kimberly Atwood approached me about collaborating with Survivor Glam Squad and Headbands of Hope, I could not have not been more thrilled!

To give a brief background, Survivor Glam Squad was founded in 2011. Their mission is to “provide female cancer survivors with esteem building opportunities such as professional makeovers, education and motivation. Through donations and volunteer efforts, SGS will empower women and girls to get back on track after cancer treatment.” The event took place at the Highgrove on Laurel Lake in Fuquay Varina, NC on February 7th. As volunteers were putting the final pieces of the event together, the survivors were busy getting makeovers upstairs. The survivors were told not to look at themselves until the entire makeover was finished! Here's a glimpse at some of the amazing women who took part in this event.

Nancy sitting patiently while her eyeliner is applied
Erin getting her hair blown out
Deborah enjoys a quick laugh during her makeover
When makeovers were complete, the survivors were brought into a room with a mirror. They were told to look at themselves while a photographer captured their big reveal. What they saw was heart warming...

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Erin enjoying the moment with her daughter!
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After the big reveal, the survivors took more pictures with their families while all the guests mingled and socialized over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. There were also a couple of guest speakers to entertain and educate while the survivors finished getting ready.

Finally it was show time! The women were called out by name while guests were told their history and survival. Each woman walked with such grace and poise! They had the option of walking down the runway solo or with a partner. Some walked with another surviver or family member, while others walked by themselves. 
It was hard to hold back the tears and goosebumps while these women walked proud down the runway. Their strength is such an inspiration! Many thanks to Kimberly Atwood, all of the survivors and Survivor Glam Squad! 

For those of you who want to donate to this great cause, their donation page can be found here

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