Fashion Rules Are Meant to be Broken

Meet Karen, our oh-so-amazing assistant manager at Vestique Charleston. We were so thrilled when Karen joined our team in the low country a few months ago. She is extremely helpful, highly creative (just walk by the King Street store and check out the window displays), and one HECK of a stylist. She is constantly pushing style boundaries, and tonight on the blog she is sharing some advice on how to bravely break the norm when it comes to fashion.


There are some rules in life that are meant to be followed. However, when it comes to fashion, let’s be real – rules are meant to be broken. You’ve tried going against the forbidden fashion faux pas, but there is always something holding you back from walking out the door in your Canadian tuxedo. We’ve all heard it – no white anything after Labor Day, blacks and blues together are a HUGE no-no, less is more according to accessories, etc. I’m here to ease those fashion forward minds and let you know being a rebellious fashionista is the only way to go!

Who knows who created the fashion rule book, but most likely, they are rolling around in their grave as more risks are being taken with the upcoming trends. Here is a list of my favorite fashion “don’t”s that I think everyone should do:

1. No white after Labor Day:
Ah yes! The infamous rule of fashion 101. We've all heard it time and time again. However, I just can't seem to get down with it. Let me be clear and say, you can TOTALLY wear white in the winter! This includes pants, jackets, shoes, and everything in between. Not only does white give you a clean, fresh look, but it makes those dark winter colors, we're all so sick of wearing, really stand out. 

White Jeans (coming to a store near you!)
Call Me Back Top 
Spring Tribe Scarf 
Jean Jacket
Iridescent Moon Necklace

So Checked Out Vest
Double Dip Necklace

2. Black should never be worn with blue:
False. This rule is a straight up lie. Black and blue are both neutral colors, so they can be worn with anything. Hence, why 90% of my closet consists of these two colors. Because they are neutrals, they can even be worn together and don't let anyone tell you differently! Black and blue can make an outfit go from street style to high fashion in a matter of seconds.

Glitz and Glamour Necklace (select stores)
Out Cold Vest (select stores)

3. Never mix prints:
Don't let one print stop you! This is probably my favorite fashion trend that is on the rise. It's also probably the one people are most scared to try, but let me tell you, it's a rule worth breaking. I've always loved seeing polka dots paired with plaid or floral with stripes because it brings a whole new edge of style to once a simple outfit. If I can give a couple pieces of advice to the beginner print mixers, stay within the same color palate and as you know, at Vestique, we always consider cheetah print a neutral!  

Captain Planet Soul (select stores)

4. Denim on denim is so wrong:
More like so right! And no, you do not look like you just got back from herding cattle. Don't over think this one – it's as simple as mixing washes. Having a dark denim chambray shirt with light washed jeans, and vice versa, is such a classic look! If you feel like you need some color, rock a bold statement necklace or a printed scarf. Anything goes with this trend!
Cabin Cozy Scarf 

What are your favorite fashion no no's to break? Show us how you rewrite the rules in your favorite Vestique pieces by tagging us on Facebook and #vestiquechic on Instagram!

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