Celebrating Galentine’s Day 2015

Valentine's Day is all about showing some love to the most important person in your life. Whether that's your spouse, significant other...or dog...or wine...the holiday should at least be celebrated in some way. No guy in your life? No problem. Enter Galentine's Day, the oh-so-real holiday made famous by Leslie Knope, aka Amy Poehler, of Parks and Rec.

The best part about Galentine's Day is that it's not a normal holiday where you must adhere to certain traditions like dinner and a movie or flowers and chocolates. The way you want to celebrate is up to you, on whatever day your choose, and we've come up with our top three ways to spend Galentine's Day in style with the best women in your life.

Option One: Wine Night In

The obvious option is to hang out with a bunch of your girlfriends and drink wine all night spilling sob stories about exes who have done us wrong in the past. WRONG. Galentine's Day is meant to celebrate the awesome gals in your life, not complain about others! Instead, plan a fun date with your friends, mom, sister, etc. and watch your favorite movies (our current favorite is The Other Woman), crack open a bottle of wine, and thank the ones who pick you up when you're down. If you want to knock out two birds with one stone, check out the greatest invention of the 21st century, wine ice cream. If you're looking to abuse your diet with wine AND ice cream, a pint-sized merlot is definitely the way to go. Mercer's Wine Ice Cream is available in select stores across the country, find one near you here.

Option Two: Girls Night Out

For those of us who love hitting the bar scene with friends, use Galentine's Day to plan a fun night out with your girls. Go dancing, to a wine tasting, to a brewery, pretty much anywhere that will get you out of the house and dressed up with your friends. Instead of letting the cute guy at the end of the bar buy you a drink, buy a drink for your best friend and let her know just how important she is to you. Nothing says 'I love you the most' like a plate of nachos and a couple pints of your favorite craft beer to share with your bestie. And remember, no boys allowed!

Option Three: Ladies Who Brunch

If Leslie Knope can write a 5,000 word essay for each woman she thinks is awesome in her life, you can definitely raise a glass to the best ones in yours over brunch. Pick a place with bottomless mimosas or if you chose option two, pick a place with Bloody Marys and really good french toast to help you recover. Brunch is already like a religion in the female community, so why not spend Galentine's Day laughing with your friends for a few hours?

And if these suggestions aren't enough to prove to your best friends that you think they're awesome, there's always a hilarious BuzzFeed article to post on their Facebook to show how much you truly care.

We salute you Leslie Knope for creating the best holiday around...Happy Galentine's Day ladies! 


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