Vestique Lifestyle: Tips to Hosting a Winning Superbowl Party

If you're like me, you love hosting a good party. Food, Fun, Friends... what's not to love? Except maybe being stuck in the kitchen. A side-effect of party hosting that so easily happens when it's not planned correctly.

Here's a few tricks that can be applied to really any gameday party but especially Superbowl when you want to be in the action and not missing the awesome commercials of course!

First off, plan for food that can be done in advance and require minimal supervision. Second, make sure you cover the primary food groups for anything you're making, so everyone has something. For me those are meat, sweet, salty and spirits... the rest are just fillers and you can get by with store bought.

Here's what I've decided to make for Superbowl 2015: Baked Buffalo Wings, Roasted Bar Nuts with Herbs, Rice Krispy Footballs and Superbowl Sangria (red or white). All of these can be done ahead and will seem like you slaved all day in the kitchen even though you didn't.

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Baked Buffalo Wings
What's a Superbowl party without wings? I like doing baked because they're honestly just as good and you're not having to man a fryer of hot oil. Plus, these can be made a day ahead, require only 4 ingredients and only take 20-30 minutes in the oven. You can also easily convert this recipe to do Teriyaki wings if spicy isn't your bag. My Teriyaki sauce of choice is Soy Yay but really any brand will do. Click Here for the full recipe.
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Roasted Bar Nuts with Herbs
I'm a big fan of something that you can snack on without a big production, read mess. And personally I like salty versus sweet. I love this recipe for Roasted Bar Nuts because it goes great with wine, cocktails and beer alike so you can't go wrong. AND it also can be made up to 24 hours ahead and will typically still keep for a few days after if stored properly.

Click Here for the full recipe.

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Rice Krispy Footballs
Now to cover the sweet-tooths in the crowd. I like this recipe because again, it's easy to eat and just adorable. includes peanut butter which I'm listing as optional since we already have the nuts, didn't want to go too nutty (see what I did there?) but they're good with or without.

Click Here for the full recipe

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Superbowl Sangria
Of course there's always beer for any gameday party and I still highly recommend you grab a case or two. However, I'm a wino and I've found that even people that don't like wine like sangria. I've converted a tried and true recipe that I use for most holiday occasions basically subbing grapes for cranberries. The trick to a good sangria is fruit choice. You can create any flavor combination you want pretty much with the juice and liqueur you select so I use fruits that I know will stand up to the wine and not disintegrate causing a pulpy result... not good. If you're going for a berry berry flavor, spare the batch and just garnish with fresh berries in the glass.

Click Here for the full recipe.

Now just fill in the gaps with assorted cheese and crackers and a veggie or fruit plate and you're all set for a Superbowl Party that everyone will enjoy and remember.

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We'd love to hear about your Superbowl party fun and fashion! Tag us @vestique #vestiquechic and stay tuned for a special surprise during the Superbowl!!

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