Stylist Spotlight: Andrea Serrano

Meet the fabulous Andrea Serrano, by far one of our favorite bloggers in the Charleston area. If you haven't already checked out her blog,, then please pause on reading this post, and do so right NOW. She is one of the most creative and fashion-intuitive ladies we've ever met, and an overall brilliant stylist. 

Vestique Feature: Cover to Cover Cardigan

Andrea got her start in fashion in New York and built an amazing styling career during her 8 years there. She worked on a variety of projects ranging from major advertising campaigns, magazine editorials, and even celebrity styling. When she moved to Charleston, she and her husband owned and operated two shops on King Street. Nowadays she focuses on her blog, and capturing the one-of-a-kind fashion diversity in Charleston. Her blog features collaborations with all the best local shops and designers in the area. "My appreciation of fashion spans from street wear, high fashion, and vintage. I created a Charleston fashion blog and shopping guide to showcase the diversity of style that’s here in the city that I love," Andrea states on her blog. 

Vestique Feature: After Party Jacket

I've also had the opportunity to get to know Andrea on a personal level, and I have to say her personality matches her sense of style - flawless! She is a truly exceptional person and has quickly become a dear friend. Oh, and did I mention aside from all this hustle she is also an amazing mom to two awesome little boys? #superwoman.

Andrea frequently represents vestique in her wardrobe, and below are a couple of our favorite looks. How great does she look?!

Vestique Feature: Navajo Cuff

Vestique Feature: Spot On Top
Vestique Feature: On Trend Cardigan Grey
Thanks so much to Andrea for supporting and flaunting vestique! Don't forget to check out her blog, and be on the lookout for her on the judging panel at Charleston Fashion Week this year.

We're always so excited to work with fashion bloggers and fellow fashionistas in the industry. If you're interested in a collaboration, let us know! 

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