90’s Fashion: The Comeback

Remember Caitlin from this post?  Well, our girl is back this week talking trends and comebacks. It's true what they say, what goes around comes back around and we've got a serious crush on the 90's styles making their way back into our lives. I'm ready to grab my caboodle and party like it's 1999!
If you ask me, or likely any 80s-born fashionista, the 90s were all that and a bag of chips. It was a great decade for fashion, music, influential TV shows like Friends, and the start of the Information Age. Although we’ve evolved digitally, the best nuggets of the 90s are still easily accessible. We can listen to our favorite throwback jams on YouTube or iTunes, we can watch our favorite sitcoms on Netflix, and now, with 90s fashion making a comeback, you can buy some of your favorite 90s-inspired pieces at vestique!
One of my favorite recurring 90s trends is plaid. Lucky for you, we’ve got many plaid and flannel options for you to channel your inner Cher Horowitz. For those of you who are more Tai than Cher and prefer a grungy plaid look, try tying one of our flannel shirts around your waist!
Not Your Boyfriend’s Flannel {available in select stores}
The 90s also brought out some of the best looks for denim. Anyone remember Mudd jeans, overalls, denim skirts, or, our personal favorite, denim jackets? Our most versatile layering accessory this season is the Jean Jacket,  which can be easily paired with a tight-fitting dress or short-sleeved tee like our FOMO Top.

Another go-to 90s trend for this season is graphic tees. To up the ante, simply pair your favorite graphic tee with any of our acid wash jeans and a beanie.

Beanie {available in select stores}
Regardless of which 90s trend you choose to rock, there’s one thing you’ll definitely need: the perfect 90s playlist.
For the Grunge Girls: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”(1991), “Black Hole Sun” (1994), “Jeremy” (1991), “Rooster” (1992), “Disarm” (1993), “Glycerine” (1994)

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