2015 Fashion Resolutions

Every year I always make resolutions that I tend to break within two weeks... let's be honest, I'm not going to start hitting the gym any time soon and I really doubt I'm going to be flossing every morning, noon and night (sorry, mom).  I might can at least say that I will start cooking dinner three nights a week and flossing at least that many nights as well.  Let's see how long that lasts. 
So, instead of asking all of our ladies to make resolutions that they will likely break, I asked them to each name a fashion/style resolution for 2015 -- something that they can hopefully keep and pertains to their daily life here at vestique!  Here are a few of our style resolutions for the new year.  We would love to hear yours!  Share with us by commenting below.  
Lauren  Director of Retail Operations
"The year 2014 has been a year of all black everything for this girl.  In 2015, I vow to bring a little color into my wardrobe and branch out of my 'color comfort zone' -- who knows, red just might be my new black! {and yes, I know for most people olive is considered a neutral, but this is a big step for this monochromatic maniac!}"

Amanda   Manager, Charleston 
"Invest in more heels. Dress like a grown up woman! I almost always reach for the flat combat boots and comfy over-sized tunics when standing at my closet each morning. But in 2015, I vow to wear heels (stiletto, wedge, and/or chunky) so much that people think I grew taller 🙂 After all, nothing is more empowering than rocking a killer pair of high heels!"

Adair  E-Commerce Coordinator
"I vow to put an end to my fashion hoarding.  If I didn't wear something more than once last season, I'm saying goodbye... and if I haven't had a chance to wear it yet this season -- see ya!! It may be hard, some things I've had for years but by ridding myself of old habits, I can make room in my closet for things I know I'll wear over and over again; like these vintage wash jeans and amazing booties. I want to find ways to dress up or down staple pieces that I can wear time and time again."

Ashley  Merchandise Planner 
"My 2015 resolutions are to step out of my comfort zone and go for more trendy pieces in my wardrobe. My closet consists of a lot of basic items that I swap out constantly, but I know with the awesome trends out there for 2015 I can really step up my street style in edgier clothing and accessories. I challenge anyone who finds themselves playing it safe like me to go for one trendy piece per outfit this year, you never know what could happen when you style up a new outfit!"

Caroline  Co-Owner
"In 2015,  I'm going to strive to focus more on wearing statement and print pieces versus safer solid looks. I'll start with this fun new hooded duster with red aztec accents!"

Karen  Assistant Manager, Charleston
"I have always loved a great pair of denim! I mean who wouldn't?! They pair with everything and they can be dressed up or down in a matter of seconds! So in 2014, when the "denim on denim" trend surfaced, I hoped aboard that fashion train instantaneously. I love pairing a light colored chambray shirt with a dark blue skinny jean! However, for 2015, I am ditching my Canadian jumpsuit and bringing a colorful side to my denim obsession! I want to wear bold colors to give my favorite article of clothing a chance to shine!"

Brittany  Assistant Manager, Columbia
"I plan to better accessorize in 2015! I normally wear the same basic jewelry (or no jewelry) every single day. This will be my year to buy the pieces I normally wish I had when I'm getting ready for a night out on the town!" 
Jacie  Assistant Manager, Charlotte
"In 2015, I vow to accessorize more!  I love my Lily and Laura bracelets, but I am definitely going to start throwing on a necklace or a ring.  What's an outfit without accessories to complete it?"

Jillian  Manager, Charlotte Premium Outlets
"I carried the same bag for almost all of 2014.  This year, I plan to change/update my purse/clutch/crossbody depending on the occasion. We have so many cute styles here at vestique, it's a shame not to take advantage of a new bag every now and then!"
Caroline   District Manager,  Raleigh/Cary
"2014 was a year of very cute clothes, but very little accessories for this girl!  I vow that 2015 will be a year of colorful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and head pieces for me!"

Paige  Assistant Manager, Columbia
"This will be my year to be trendy! I work at a fashion boutique and have yet to branch out of my casual every-day style... this will be MY YEAR to be trendy and buy those pieces I always say I can't pull off."

Heather  Director of E-Commerce

"I was all about leggings and over-sized tops in 2014.  This year I resolve to flaunt my feminine side in more dresses and rompers."

Morgan  Co-Owner
"If there is ever a choice between loose and fitted when it comes to clothing, I go loose every.single.time.  In the new year, not only do I plan on stepping up my fashion game, but I also accepted a challenge within my Xtend Barre studio to participate in at least 4 classes a week. That being said, I'm going to start stepping out of my comfort zone, which consists of piko everything, and adding a few more form-fitting styles to my closet."

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