Why Hats Rule

If you're style is anything like mine, you're obsessed with hats... I honestly can't own enough but I understand not everyone feels that way so let me share some of the reasons behind my passion and hopefully inspire you to try the "hat look".

Ultimately, I feel the reasons that hats rule can be summed up in a few words... bad hair day solver, outfit maker, head warmer, rainy day accessory... enough said.

But how do I work hats into my looks you ask? First it helps to know the look you're going for. Luckily we have several styles available at vestique stores and online. Anywhere from boho-chic to uptown girl... we have you covered, or topped. 😉

Check out these looks for a bit of inspiration!

Sienna meets Audrey

The classic 'floppy' hat is perhaps the easiest to sway in multiple style directions. Whether you're going for a bohemian look or something a little more sophisticated, this camel-colored, wool hat will accomplish that. psst... we also have it in black!
We paired the camel Not Your Hat Rack with our Snow Leopard sweater (sadly out of stock online 🙁 - but we may have a few left in stores if you get on it!) and Upton Dark Wash Skinny Jeans. But the skies the limit with this one... pair it with tunics, shift dresses, tall boots, booties, scarf/no scarf. It all works. 
Want something a little shorter brimmed? We got the perfect option! Our Hat Enough pictured below, also available in camel and black. 

The Rancher's Daughter

Stetson's never looked so good. The Rancher Hat is perhaps iconic of the boho style but we've seen it paired with dresses and edgy accessories alike for looks that are positively chic!
We paired our Rancher Hat in black with our Highlander Poncho, No Diggity Top and Black Skinny Jeans for a look that's #OOTD worthy. 
Check out a few other options that rock the Rancher Hat. Remember... outfit maker!!


Because a beanie is a hat too! Ultra-cozy, ultra-cool and ultra-easy to style. Most of the time we're going for casual cool with a beanie but with our new piko dresses and some tights or leggings, beanies make the cutest accessory.
We've paired this look with our newest Never Growing Up Top and Black Skinny Jeans for a looks that's insta-cool.

Our Beanie Got Back is available in black, gray, tan or black/white tie-dye, beanies are an absolute must in this super cold weather. 

Try out these looks below and send us your favorite beanie style! #vestiquechic #beanie

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