Vestique Stylist of the Week: Caroline

If you've ever met me, you know I love basics but always need a pop of something to complete my look. Whether it be a big necklace, funky shoes or even a flannel shirt wrapped around my waste, I just need that something extra to pull everything together and to really make a statement. This look is the perfect example of just that. Vestique has been searching and has finally found the most flawless fur vest yet. Our Fur-ever Flawless Vest is trendy, versatile, comfy and the statement piece of the year. Trust me, you want this least I know I do!
This beauty really speaks for itself, so I didn't want to over do the rest of the look. I decided to pair the vest with one of my favorite tops, our very own 'Set Your Sights Top' (available in-store only).  The lace detail on the front make this one a little more feminine than your average basic. 

I threw on a few of our bauble bracelets, black denims, fringe booties and called it a day! -- Black denims coming to stores and website soon! Similar bangles here.

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