N Style Fashion Extravaganza

On October 20 and 21, we had the distinguished opportunity to participate in an event benefiting my very own hometown hospital in Concord, NC.  I was born at CMC-NorthEast 29 years ago and I had my very first college internship at the hospital in the marketing department 10 years ago (wow, that makes me feel really old!).  It's a very special place that gives the very best medical care out there! My nieces and nephews have since been delivered at CMC-NorthEast and I love going back and seeing just how far the hospital has come even from my internship days.  
The N Style Fashion Extravaganza is a annual event that features local boutiques and Vestique was chosen to participate this year along with six other stores.  The show is so successful that they can't even fit everyone into just one night -- they separate it into two nights; you can come out either Monday or Tuesday.  
The money goes to support the CMC-NorthEast Foundation and raised over $83,000 this year! Thank you, CMC, for asking us to be involved this year.  We had a great time at the event.  
My helper for the night, Daphne.  One of our awesome sales associates at our East Blvd. location in Charlotte!  
All of the models for the event are members of the local community and are actively involved in the hospital's foundation, or actually work at the hospital! 
We liked the blue lighting 🙂 Had to take a quick runway selfie. 
The men's runway portion is always a big hit. They do a little dance for the crowd and everyone gets really into their moves! 

I love coming to events in Concord -- it means I am able to see my mom, sister-in-law and friends from home! 

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