Birthday Wishes

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It's my birthday today and being on the other side of 30 now, I got to thinking... boy have birthday wishes changed over the years. From my 3-year-old niece wishing for a "pink" present on hers, to a good friend's teenage daughter wishing for nothing but clothes to me wishing for a "good" vacuum cause I was done fighting with the POS we had (true story).

As we get older, it seems we go for the more "practical" gifts and anything considered impractical is more like a day at the spa or a nice dinner out. Gone are the days of wishing for a new outfit to flaunt at school, cause let's face it... we can buy our own clothes right? Not to mention, gifters rarely got my size and fit right when I was 16 not to mention now, when I'm... let's say 29 😉

But then I got to thinking, all those excuses are just that. I can just as easily buy myself a vacuum as I can a great pair of jeans. And let's be honest, it's a LOT more fun opening a box filled with clothes versus something I get to do chores with... what?

And luckily, being closely tied to the features and functionality we bring to, I got to personally play with setting up my very first Vestique Birthday Registry. It was WAY more fun than putting together the list of "practical" gifts to give friends and fam. The only hard part was not adding the entire site as I'm currently obsessed with everything from our fall collection.

A few fun features from our new registry tool are the ability to add comments and ranking (like, love, NEED!) to your selected items, the ability to share via email or direct link your registry and even password protect it should you feel so inclined.

Here's a few of my current faves that made the list:

pleated black shorts
Shake It Off Shorts
lace back vest
It Takes Two Vest
maroon printed long-sleeve crop top
Holy Chic Crop
taupe stone necklace
Captain Planet in Taupe

So whether you're celebrating a new engagement, an anniversary or maybe a very merry un-birthday, you can be sure that you get the exact closet goodies you're DYING for by setting up a vestique gift registry. Here's wishing you as good a time as I did setting one up and that you score everything on your list!

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