Shelley’s ‘Tiqued Out Engagement

It's engagement season at Vestique! Several ladies have recently gotten engaged (ahem, even yours truly), and I love seeing all these happy couples!

Fairy tales aside though, so much goes into planning a wedding - even all the pre-wedding events! Engagement photos, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc…the list of new outfits goes on. We have tons of great options for all of these events, so no bridezilla moments necessary! Shelley, one of our amazing gals in Vestique Greenville (and coincidentally my soon to be sister!), rocked Vestique in her engagement photos. How cute are these two?! 

I mean what a lucky guy, am I right??

Shelley's 'tiqued out engagement went even a step further, when we threw her a #baSHELLrette party at our Greenville location! Champagne was sipped, special gifts were opened, 
and lots of big laughs were shared. 


I can't reveal all the photos (bachelorette party rules), but I can tell you it was night not to be forgotten!

Shelley's wedding is later this summer, and I know I will spot tons of ladies flaunting their favorite Vestique styles. If you have an upcoming shower, engagement party, or bachelorette party (as the bride or the party), take a look at our dress options here. We've got you covered on gorgeous dresses, so you can focus on the more important tasks on cake-tasting and honeymoon plans 😉

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