Put to the Test: At Home Coffee Scrub

If you're like me, you've tried every beauty product known to man to smooth and tighten your tired skin. Many products were double the disappointment due to the cash I had to fork out to obtain them only to not work nearly as well as promised.

I recently came across a list of things to try at home to tighten and tone your skin. The typicals came up, eat right, drink more water, exercise, etc. But one I hadn't seen was for using a coffee scrub, particularly in any areas prone to cellulite. Now. let's be real... most everyone has some and those that don't, you are truly blessed.

What surprised me even more was that there was no recipe, no additional ingredients needed AND you could use leftover coffee grounds so the additional cost to me was zilch! Among other vices, coffee is definitely something I can't live without so I knew it would take little time to get a good amount to try. Rather than throwing out what was left after I brewed my morning coffee, I tossed them into a jar to give a go later.

Here's what I found... first, you WANT to do this in the shower, it will make a hot mess. Second, make sure you rinse first, scrubbing dry skin is not pleasant. It also helps if you get some sort of flavored coffee, just saying... vanilla coffee has a nice smell to it. The surprising element was the tingling you get along with the exfoliation the grounds give. I believe it has to do with the caffeine in the coffee so if you're a decaf drinker, you may not experience this tingling. Based on my reading, the caffeine helps promote circulation which makes sense why this was recommended for the reduction of cellulite.

I've been using my leftover coffee grounds as a body scrub for a little over two weeks now, focusing more so on my trouble areas around my thighs and butt. And following with lotion, anything with cocoa butter or coconut oil is a bonus.

RESULT: I have to give this one a thumbs up. After just a couple uses, my skin felt dramatically smoother and two weeks later, I've noticed that my mid-lower thighs are very smooth looking. It's hard to say 100% that I'm smoother up around my butt but I believe I am and at the least, am very hopeful based on the quick progression of other areas.

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