Floral Fun

Floral prints were listed to be one the biggest fashion trends in 2014, and we couldn't have been more excited about it! But first, let's be clear... 'floral print' no longer alludes to that old couch 
in your grandmother's house. 
Floral has made a strong comeback, and it's more versatile than ever. We love all the fresh modern ways to rock floral print - whether it be pastel, retro, sharp, classic, earthy, etc - all the while still keeping the femininity of the print. And don't worry, we've made sure you can get ALL of these 
styles at the 'tique!
Look 1: Fun Florals
Vibrant colors and unique patterns give floral print a new twist. Take for example our new favorite blooming kimono, Only Wanna Be With You Kimono.
Pink on red? Yep, exactly. Who would have thought red roses would look SO stunning paired on the color hot pink?! The floral print on our BBQ-T Top proves it.

Look 2: Artsy Florals
Floral prints go so much further than just flowers - it's an art! Our Buy Me Flowers Dress is the perfect combination of soft, elegant flowers with a contemporary spin on the pattern. 

We also love the bold look of our Casablanca Dress. Nothing is more classic than black and white, but the dramatic pattern gives it an overall snazzy, stylish look!

Look 3: Freaky Florals 
Floral print doesn't have to be dainty. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. Check out our Across the Finish Line Top, which has an edgy print that features black, hot pink, and taupe. Pairing florals with fringey denim cut offs gets the best of both styles!

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