Vestique does France

Many moons ago, when Vestique was still a dream, I babysat for the most fabulous family in the world. When I met them, Cole had just started elementary school and I believe Regan was in 3rd grade. I grew extremely close to the entire family. Dallas (their mom) became one of my great friends and I loved those kids like they were my own.

Now, Regan is in 8th grade. She's a soccer star and probably the most fashionable kid at her school...considering she LOVES to wear vestique!

It made my day when they stopped in to get a few of her Christmas presents at the Raleigh store last month and put a big smile on my face when I received these texts a couple of days ago:

How adorable does Regan look in our sweater and necklace during their vacation to Paris?! I'm jealous of the their trip but it sure looks like they had fun!

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