Family Brunch

Working with people you love makes any job easier and 100 times better.  Luckily, I am fortunate enough to work with ladies that are like family to me!  Heck, we spend enough time together... I feel like I see them more than my own family {and if we're being honest, I probably do}.  You know you really love your co-workers when you choose to spend your days off with them. 

This past Sunday, the staff of vestique Greenville got together for brunch at Caitlin's adorable house.  We had an awesome spread of food {who knew these ladies could cook?!} and some delicious mimosas! 

We sat around on the couch after brunch laughing and talking for hours.  At one point I looked around the room and thought, "wow, we are so lucky."  It's rare that seven girls can get along so well and genuinely love each other so much.  It's special, that's for sure. 

Vestique would certainly not be the same without these ladies!

A special group, there's no doubt!

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