Braces to Babies

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of throwing a pretty rocking baby shower for one of my life-long best friends, Brandy. If you've spent some time on this blog, you've surely seen her as she hasn't missed a vestique event since we started this business. Brandy, her 3 sisters and beautiful mama are walking advertisements for vestique at all times. So many of my favorite memories in life are with the Renn family!

 We pulled out all the stops for B and baby Bristol. All of my girls flew or drove in for a reunion of sorts and we spent every waking second of the weekend together. It was glorious. Magnificent. Fabulous. I'll keep most of our weekend pics off the blog as things tend to get a little out of hand when we're all together. The shower rounded out the weekend on Sunday afternoon and here are some snapshots of what we put together for the mama-to-B (pun intended).

A pink and green owl themed shower! So much fun!

The party favors were a labor of love and one of my favorite little details. Each attendee got to take home a baby pink polish with a little note that said "Thanks for making my shower a hoot! Love, Bristol."

We had each guest write a special note for Marc and Brandy and stuck them in this stack of diapers for those 3 a.m. changings when a little encouragement is welcome.

Brandy's 81 year old memaw asked me when she came in if the clothes on the line were doll baby clothes or baby clothes. 🙂 Tiny!


Bristol Annie Gill--we can't WAIT to meet you.

 I have to add that the shower wouldn't have been possible without Mary's mama (Mama Share) and my mama (Mama T). They OUT DID themselves.

Hostesses and mama B + baby B.

Bristol and her aunts (by blood above, by love below)

That woman sure does not look like she should be a grandma. GORGEOUS.

 I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends, but these ladies are more like sisters. We've been thick as thieves as my dad would say since we were all in braces (and before). There's nothing I wouldn't do for any one of them.

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