The long and SHORT of it.

As you can probably see from the lack of posts, things have been quite busy around the 'tique. We're moving and shaking and getting ready for a fabulous fall inventory overhaul! Caroline and I just got back from a quick 48 hour buying trip. We literally landed, ate, went to bed, shopped x 2. To say we were pooped when we touched down in Raleigh after our Tuesday night/Wednesday morning red eye was an understatement. We were zombies in the store on Wednesday and I apologize if you were one of the [un]lucky customers that encountered us.

The highlight of our trip, among finding THE BEST STUFF EVER for vestique, was catching up with this little lady. It had been far too long since we had seen Meg and I'm sure the waitress at the wine bar we settled on could tell. We talked for hours. And then more hours.

We've already started receiving some of the goodies. One of my personal faves came in today...the perfect leather shorts. I searched high and low all fall and winter last year for a pair to call my own. We finally found them and they are IN.

What I love most about leather is its ability to transition from one season to another. These babies can go from Fall (with booties) right into Winter (throw on tights) and on into Spring (shed the tights, catch some rays and pair with wedges). They are so easy to dress up or down too. Caroline and I are headed to the Big Apple with our boys this weekend for some much needed play time and I've already got a pair packed in my suitcase. I'm opting for tights as the forecast is calling for low 60s but I'm sure I'll be re-wearing them without once I land back in the South.

The best part about this particular pair [other than the ridiculously fabulous fit--the mid-rise waistline is extra slimming and the length is perfection]? THE PRICE. As I mentioned before, I really did search EVERYWHERE last year for a pair that looked and felt expensive and came up short, pun intended. These look like a designer piece for $38.50. Can't beat it!

We'll be thinking of you as we travel to NYC. Hope your weekend is long and your work day, well, SHORT.


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