Little Wolfpack Lady!

You all probably feel like you know my family, I brag about them A LOT, and this post is no different. My niece, Havilland Ruby, had her first birthday in September and of course there was a photo shoot! The pics were too cute not to share. 
 My gorgeous sister-in-law, Abby, wore vestique and looked (looks) amazing! My brother is pretty good looking too (if I do say so myself).

Her blood is WOLFPACK red! Mommy and Daddy met at NC State and she's growing up a little wolfpack lady, making her aunt very proud!

Abby is wearing 'Party in the Back' and while it's out of stock online, we did just add a style with a similar fit, 'A Little Flare Top' available in red, lime and black. 

Pure happiness and love. This little family has my heart and I am so proud to claim them!

All photos were taken by Christina Lynn Photography.

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