One more reason to fall in love with Fall


Isn't it strange how that one little accessory can totally change your entire look?! Nothing makes me feel more cozy and stylish than an infinity scarf. I legit want one of each of the scarves we've gotten in so far this season, but my idea of the perfect neck warmer came in today...check her out in the bottom right:

I mean the thing looks exactly like [a much smaller version of] the throw blanket I always wrap up in at my mom and dads. It's SO soft and the perfect weight. I was sold the moment it touched my grubby little fingers. I think I'll wear it to bed tonight. Where you can find me in about 20 minutes--holy long week and it's only Tuesday!
If your idea of perfect is slightly different than mine, check out the rest of our scarf collection here. We've got some pretty amazing ones to choose from. 

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