Vestique on Vacay!

I just got back from a whirlwind, once-in-a-lifetime vacation and I can't wait to share all the (not-so) gory details with you!

In the past 12 days I've:
-gone sand boarding in the Arabian desert in Dubai (and took my first camel ride!)
-stood in awe atop the world's tallest building--124 floors up
-stuffed myself silly at the only 7-star restaurant
-been completely humbled by prayer time in one of Turkey's oldest and most beautiful mosques
-sipped cocktails al fresco along the shore of the Bosphorus river in Istanbul
-laid out on the black sand beaches in Santorini
-had my breath taken away watching the sun set into the Aegean Sea
-grown closer than ever to two of my lifelong friends
-worn a heck of a lot of vestique!

Today is my second day back to work. I thought the adjustment would be a lot more difficult than it has actually proven to be. I guess incredible co-workers and a job you love to do makes getting back in the swing of things a little easier.  
P.S. We'd love to feature YOUR vacation pics on our blog. Send us shots of you wearing vestique on vacay and we'll post them for our readers. Email me at [email protected].

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