Raleigh Staff Faves!

We got a massive shipment of new arrivals in today! Here are a few of our staff favorites.

Morgan’s top pick is the Cinco de Mayo. She’s wearing it tomorrow with white skinny jeans, nude wedges and her captain planet necklace.


Cinco de Mayo

Caroline K’s top pick is the One Hit Wonder. She’s wearing this one to an upcoming wedding with our black Sole Sister wedges. The whole outfit looked ADORABLE on her.


One Hit Wonder


Sole Sister Wedges

Sara’s top pick, which she already bought and took home with her, is the Where’s Waldo Maxi. On her way out today, she announced that she is wearing it on Saturday—guess that’s our cue not to twin her.


Where’s Waldo Maxi

She put it with her Oceanography necklace. DYING.


Oceanography Necklace

Our resident beach bum (she’s from Wilmington and spends all her free time there or OBX with her boy), Caroline A., naturally fell in love with the Sea Breeze top in Royal. I’m pretty sure it’s leaving with her after work tonight.


Sea Breeze in Blue

Now that you know which of the new arrivals will be making their way from the back room to OUR closets…tell us which ones you love.

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