As a born and bred North Carolina native, there’s not a more fun time to live in “Tobacco Road” than MARCH MADNESS.  If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you’re aware that me and Caroline (and most of our staff) are die hard NCSU fans. It has been a rough season for us. We were ranked high in the preseason but ended up losing some close ones. All that is water under the bridge now because it’s tournament time and we’re hoping a big finish.


Here we are nervously watching last year’s tournament:



And this was our view yesterday when NCSU beat VT in the first round of the ACC Tourney. We obnoxiously howled like wolves and clapped as if the players could hear us all the way in Greensboro.



We’re hoping for a similar outcome in today’s game against Virginia at 2 p.m.


No matter who you’re cheering for, we’ve got the goods for you to be the most fashionable fan in the stands (or at the sports bar). So fill out your brackets, tattoo your faces, head on over to’s gameday section and prepare for a crazy month of college hoops.


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