Wedding Bells

Are a ringin’ for our sweet friend, Julie! You’ve probably seen her on the blog a thousand times and that’s because she’s one of tique’s biggest fans. This weekend we hightailed it down to Wilmington to shower Jules with love and things to make hers and Josh’s house a home.

The bride looked stunning! She wore Classic Beauty in Ivory, Caroline wore Portrait of Sophistication in Tan (pretty sure every fashionable gal needs one of these in the color of your choice hanging in your closet) and I wore Black Flower.

She got lots of awesome goods. But my favorite and probably the most sentimental was a necklace from Josh’s sister, Anna (also a very loyal vestique shopper), that belonged to their late mother.

You can hardly see it against the lace, but it’s absolutely beautiful.

Cheers to a very fun weekend and a lifetime of happiness, Jules!

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