Cystic Fibrosis Fashion Show

We sure hope to see all of you on January 26 in Charlotte for a Vestique and Sloan (a neighboring boutique on East Blvd) fashion show benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

This cause is especially important to me because a few years ago I was able to get close to a former co-worker’s son who is battling the disease. He spent nearly half his lifetime in UNC Children’s Hospital, so as you can imagine got way behind in school. I was charged with tutoring him a few nights a week and keeping him as close to grade level as possible. At first, I dreaded staying late at work and wasn’t sure I’d be able to connect with what I thought was sure to be a “know-it-all teenager.” After our first tutoring session, it became clear that he would teach me FAR more than I could ever teach him. We laughed and cut up. He told me about his girl drama and I helped him decide who to ask to the prom. His positive attitude and optimistic outlook on life made me want to be a better person. Justin graduated and I moved on from corporate America. I keep up with his happenings via his mom’s facebook and love to see his smiling face pop up on my newsfeed.  When we were approached about this fashion show, I jumped at the opportunity. All this to say, life is not fair and too short. Help us help those fighting CF! Come out for an evening of fashion, fun and more importantly, fundraising. We hope to see you all there.

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