Full Disclosure: Before you begin reading, mentally prepare for some extremely random ramblings and exciting news!

We’re baaack from our buying trip. The new goodies should begin arriving by the end of the week. We sure hope you like what you see. I know I say this every time, but we found some AWESOME stuff. These may be some of my favorites yet. 

Think tunics perfect for pairing with leggings (of the liquid variety—we have some cute ones coming your way), studs, leather and GLAM. If you’ve got holiday party plans, they need to include vestique because our new dresses are stunning. And you can rest easy, we got enough of the new stuff to go around so it will all be available in all three stores and online.

In other news, construction on the Greenville, SC store is set to be complete on TUESDAY. I’m like a kid on Christmas about it. There’s no way I’m sleeping between now and when I walk in that door next week (ok, ok I lie…I’m pretty sure between two solid days of hard core shopping and a red-eye flight back to the east coast, I will sleep tonight but my dreams will consist of Vestique Greenville for sure!). We’ll keep you posted on an opening date, but it won’t be long, ladies!

Completely unrelated: While playing MEGA tourists, we found an empty star on Hollywood Blvd. last night…

V for Vestique!

And finally, I am so thankful to have GREAT friends spread all the way across the country. Already missing my west coast buds.

Now, I’m even more grateful to be able to say that I work with TWO of my very besties. If you couldn’t tell from the pictures, Lauren has joined the vestique team and will oversee the happenings in South Carolina. We couldn’t be happier to have her!

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