Today was for:

-12 solid hours of good ol’ fashioned hard work.

-An INSANE number of orders on vestique.com. This must mean you guys like our new stuff?! Be on the look out because there’s more where that came from!

-Good friends keeping me laughing all day long (you know who you are). I’m convinced laughter is the cure to any and all ailments.

-The cutest, albeit laziest, brown Boxer sleeping soundly at my feet under my desk.

-One said good friend bringing me a tasty lunch and spending the afternoon ‘tiquing.  Yes, vestique can also be a verb. And another stopping by for pizza and an after hours impromptu fashion show.

-Coming home to a card from my bff and crying like a 27 year old baby at what she wrote inside.

-Falling asleep to the sound of a storm outside my window and dreaming of what tomorrow has in store.

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