there’s nothing like…


Caroline’s family came to see the progress we were making on the Charlotte store on Monday night. They drove an hour in the rain to look at an empty store and listen to us ramble about what will go where and how excited we are. Her 98 year old grandad even came to check it out. Macular degeneration has left him almost blind but he told us over and over again how nice the store looked. What a sweet, sweet man!

Julie and Joy demonstrated how the tête-à-tête works.

And Alan, well, he was our free entertainment.

Last night, on my way home from Charlotte, I get a phone call from my mama. It was later than she’s usually up, so I thought something may be wrong. I nervously answered and she said she had just left our Raleigh store. She said she went over that evening (without us even having to ask) to lend a hand and ended up staying after the girls left to clean the place from top to bottom.

I came in early to find the floors sparkling and the store spotless. Not gonna lie, I shed a tear or two.

Sometimes, I just can’t figure out what we did to deserve them, but we couldn’t be more grateful!

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