Random thoughts.

1. There were several moments today where Caroline and I looked at each other and said, the only way we’re going to get through this day is to laugh. So after the smoke cleared and several good laughs were had [andddd a few naughty words were said], I was reminded of this picture. It was snapped several months ago, unbeknownst to us, by our friend Kelly. I guess we adopted the whole ‘laugh it off’ mantra long before we actually said it out loud.

2. This baby comes home in 11 days. We’ve missed her every single day since she left! Can’t wait to see your face, Meg!

3. The above photo was taken at the Raleigh store’s grand opening…I can’t wait for the Queen City Vestique to be open for biz. Someone called the store today and asked if it was already open…she doesn’t know it, but she made our day!

4. I believe the number of gray hairs in my head are directly proportional to the amount of emails in my inbox. That being said, I need to pay Natasha (Mitchells at N. Hills if you’re looking for a bomb.com stylist) a visit asap.

5. It’s one day closer to the weekend!!!!!!!

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