We’re leaving Raleighwood in just a few short hours to head to Charlotte for our best friend’s wedding. Bridesmaids dresses are packed, gift is wrapped and heart is happy.

We can’t wait for the good times that are sure to be had!

Amanda, may your wedding weekend be as beautiful and fun as you are.

Here are a few shots of the good times we’ve shared with Amanda over the years. I had to keep them PG for blog purposes but as I went back through our pictures, I was in tears laughing so hard at some of the memories we’ve made.

FGs before the Hillsborough Hike circa 2007.

Graduation Day.

Eurotrip. Alhambra, Granada, Spain.

Halloween-Three Blind Mice.

Kona, Hawaii for the PanCan Half Marathon.

Amanda’s 25th Birthday.

Memorial Day 2011.

Bride with her maids-Engagement Party.

Bach Bash in Savannah-St. Patty’s Day.

The dirt we have on each other is scary but the love we’ve got for one another is scarier.

Happy wedding weekend, my love!

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