We didn’t really do Halloween this year. Well, aside from consuming disgusting amounts of Halloween candy.

But last week, in an effort to celebrate Fall, we hosted a friendly pumpkin carving competition at our house. 

I’ll show you how the night played out in pictures.

The teams broke off and began conspiring.

Team 1.


Team 2.

Team 3.

Team 4.

(not pictured—we were busy eavesdropping on other teams’ plans and taking pictures)

After sufficient researching and planning was done, we set out to create our masterpieces.

Liam is as big as the pumpkin!

Competition was tough. But here are the results:

Team 1:

Team 2:

Team 3:

Team 4:

We all took our pumpkins out to the front porch to see the finished product.

Drum roll….

In case you were wondering, we never officially picked a winner of the contest.

Caroline and Rob’s pumpkin was probably the most legit.  That design took serious skill. The FG pumpkin pulled at my heart strings (our group of college friends called ourselves the FGs-fun girls, if you will).  Anna and Casey’s pumpkin was a survivor. It was carefully held together by tooth picks because it was accidentally dropped…twice. And how can you not love Bella?! I hope you see the resemblance!


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