the evolution of the mean mug.

We’ve been a little (read: A LOT) overwhelmed lately. Sometimes, a girl’s just gotta get away. 

Last Thursday night, after an extra-long work day, we hastily packed our bags, jumped in my car and headed to the coast. Luckily, we’ve got an understanding friend (hi, Julie!) with an extra bedroom. 

Three days, a couple bottles of wine and some salt air later…WE’RE FEELING REVIVED!

We hung out with our Wilmington girls ALL weekend long and this series of pictures should depict just how much fun was had.

We call this the evolution of Angie’s “mean mug.”

Kristen (left) coaching Angie on how to relax those pesky chin muscles.

Kristen’s got it down pat. Angie is a work in progress.

Caroline gets in on the action and masters the task at hand pretty quickly.

Not quite, Ang.

Now those are some mean mugs to be proud of.

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